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Occupational Employment and Wages

Salary History Tab

This tab shows a possible progression for this occupation's salary over the past twelve years.

The Basics

To select a statistic to be featured on the bar graph, click the column header.

To select the statistics appearing on the screen, visit the statistics tab.


This table is based on current estimates for the selected location, industry, and occupation. It does not consider estimates that may have been previously published for these periods on this web site or elsewhere.

Prior year numbers are based on the appropriate employment cost index (ECI) for the predominant industry division for this occupation. National, unadjusted, private industry, Q4 ECIs are used. Prior wages are determined by multiplying the latest estimate by the ratio of the appropriate ECI factor and the one in effect during the prior year. Although this process does not consider seasonal factors, in most cases, it should provide a fairly realistic estimate of what someone doing the job today might expect to make.

Caution: This table reflects national averages and does not consider the effect of supply and demand in local labor markets.

If the "Show survey year estimates" box is checked, the wage estimates are automatically reset to the survey year estimates, and no later estimates will be displayed.


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